Welcome To 2019 With Studio X.

By Studio X. August 01, 2019
It's been a while since we spoke! So here's an update from your Philadelphia digital marketing experts Studio x. about what has been going on so far in 2019!

…okay, we know it’s August. We haven’t written in a few months, and that is because, quite frankly, we have been jamming away! We recently celebrated our SIXTEENTH YEAR in business as Studio x. and have had so much in the works its head-spinning. Most folks seek refuge at the beach during these months, and while we collectively have been able to get a few voyages to the shore in, we’ve mostly been hunkered down here in Philadelphia! 

So listen, we know you’ve been heading here to our website time and time again to read our expertly-written blogs on all of the important stuff we do: digital marketing, social media, search engine optimization… And while we PROMISE we will be getting back to our regularly scheduled programming ASAP, we figured we would start with a little update for what’s been going on with us!

New Product!

That’s right; we developed a new website development platform called Brambaly. After YEARS of hearing the challenges our clients in the manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale fields have experienced - we built a product to help them create an affordable, hassle-free website. While there are too many amazing and state-of-the-art features to name, we’ll say that the product management and lead generation tools available through this platform are indeed next level. While we built the Brambaly platform with the three industries mentioned above in mind, it truly is flexible and user-friendly. Heck, we liked it so much, we created THIS – our new Studio x. website on it! Looks nice, right? Find out more about Brambaly here.

New Team Members!

Since we last wrote, we had the honor to bring on board not one, but TWO new team members to Studio x. Starting in May as our new Digital Marketer, Nick Hertzberg comes to us with an extensive background in managing social media, implementing search engine optimization, and crafting marketing strategies for all sorts of industries, from craft beer to dentistry, music, restaurants and more. We’re confident his expertise will help guide your goals for the future. Secondly, and currently not-pictured on our team page (that’ll change soon), is Denise Santos! With her years of experience running collegiate student life programs and working in the automotive industry, Denise brings to the table a hunger and drive to create engaging written content for our clients. Get to know our team more by heading here!

New Clients!

While we can’t list every single one we’ve worked on since we last spoke, if you head to our beautiful and new testimonials page you will see a list of all the fine folks we have had the opportunity to work with over the years. From unique print and packaging design to web solutions, social media, and digital marketing to branding and strategy - Studio x. is the best full-service agency for creating engaging solutions in both pixel and paper.

Located in Center City, Philadelphia, and operated by (big gasp) real people, we are here to discuss and plan your next initiative. Connect with us today to explore all that Studio x. can offer you!