Making Your Content R.A.D.

By Studio X. October 17, 2019
Learn how Studio x. can help you make R.A.D., Relatable, Activity-Driven, Diverse content for social media!

When it comes to social media dominance, as it is with all things web-oriented, CONTENT is KING. Giving users and followers the content that they want and making sure they share or remember or convert as a result of engaging with said content can be tricky, but not impossible. 

Lucky for you, if you’re working with Studio x., one of the best social media marketing companies in Philadelphia, we have years and years of experience developing, testing, and creating award-winning content for a wide variety of companies and concentrations!

We have seen that the biggest WINS for our clients on social media come as a result of their content being truly R.A.D. That means we are aiming for it to be Relatable, Activity-Driven, and Diverse. If you’re looking to step your social media content game up, follow some of our suggestions below, or get in touch with Studio x. today if you need some assistance overall developing your Philly business’ digital marketing strategy!


Making your content relatable to your target demographic can work in multiple ways, but we will discuss the following two: location and topic.

Location can mean everything in developing a fan base. If you are a smaller to mid-size business, targeting local online traffic can be a great way to boost sales and help your company grow quickly and efficiently. Make sure you are publishing locale-centric content (like taking a photo in LOVE Park or Philadelphia City Hall) or throwing events with other local, like-minded businesses. Spend your valuable ad dollars on geo-specific terms and keywords that aren’t out of reach. Create separate business pages for locations that are not within a simple drive of each other and consider offering up unique deals or products for those different storefronts to help eventually drive traffic from one to the other.

When it comes to the topic, make sure your content is sending the right, relevant message to your target demographic. For example, having half of your business social media feed populated with photoshopped glamour shots of you at high-roller nightclubs, while IRL you operate a salt-of-the-earth Pretzel Company (possible business name?), might send the wrong message to your ideal customer base.


Encouraging your followers to participate in and for your social media pages actively is another excellent way to create R.A.D. content. Look through your analytics and see what posts followers are interacting with the most. Then utilize that information to develop polls, giveaways, games, and more for and with your audience. 

Does your audience engage most when your Philadelphia-based craft beer company announces the pun-driven name of a new brew? Hold a naming contest where the winner gets swag! Are shared, user-generated photos of diners at your restaurant what people love to see? Encourage other users to tag you in their posts, and you will pick the “fan of the week” to get a $10 gift card.

Also, be vigilant of what is happening in your city, and engage with that activity too. Is the Old City Fest happening next month in Philadelphia, and you have an Old City-based business? Reach out to the people throwing the event and see how you can get involved! The odds are that your regulars will be attending the festival, and you have a shot at making a lot of new fans by participating too!


While we discussed making sure your content is not topically unrelatable, it doesn’t hurt to diversify when it comes to TYPES of posts. For instance, video is performing super-well for all of our clients right now. If you typically post staged product photos, try spicing things up with a short-form video now and then. Maybe interview the chef of your restaurant or show some behind the scenes prep work getting done.

Don’t fear to embrace new technology or trends! Try utilizing Instagram Stories, Facebook 360, and other tools to engage audiences more immediately and point them to your main feed. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to some local social media influencers (which we covered in a blog here) or local press outlets to help with campaigns too! 

Remember, while cleanly curated and stylistically symmetrical pages look great, people, generally, aren’t so curated themselves. Letting curious fans get an inside view, seeing how the sausage is made, every once and a while, surely won’t hurt. Likewise, keeping your company voice consistent but providing different points of view (from the workers to the collaborators, the boss, and all in-between) and types of posts (everyone learns and digests media differently) can help you to continue R.A.D. content for years to come!

If you need some assistance working on your digital media marketing in Philadelphia, or wherever you call home, give Studio x. a shout today and we can discuss our innovative ideas and plans to help drive your business forward!

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