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By Studio X. December 11, 2019
Behind every CLICK is excellent content, right?

Well, not always. Sometimes when you are searching for something online, just because the result you select has an alluring title and fancy website doesn't mean you are getting what you needed. In many cases, it might also mean you have to do some digging, fact-checking, and fluff-reading to see you aren't getting what you looked for- and what's worse than that?

"I asked for a chicken pot pie recipe, not a novel about your golden retriever. Let's cut to it!"

What we're getting at here is that, as the top SEO specialists in Philadelphia, Studio x. knows how to elevate search engine optimization-friendly content to help not only get the point across and convert, but to show to Google you are the real deal, and you can potentially be ranked higher in search engine results because of it.

So, what tips do we follow when composing SEO marketing content for ourselves and clients?

Be Informative!

In what might be somewhat a shocker – your SEO content should ACTUALLY be informative, related to your keyword focus or meta tags, and serve some purpose!  

We're not talking about being critical of free time blogging where you wax poetic about pizza, when you don't own a pizza shop, or typically blog about pizza, or anything related to it.

We mean that when you are developing content for your business website, write it in such a manner that when people are searching for businesses like yours, or topics related to you, they will find it, and it will answer their questions. Including both quantitative and qualitative data, like charts, graphs, numbers, statistics, and reviews, can always be helpful and a significant ranking factor too.

For instance, did you know that you're 45% more likely to click "Contact Us" because you just read this? 

No, not really. But including REAL informative stats about why customers should choose your business can be helpful and in turn, help you convert!

Google algorithms can study user intent and scans articles, pages, or blogs daily to see what content users are searching for, then if they are interacting. If you become the information guru on a subject, which hopefully you are in your line of work, share your knowledge with customers, and your stake will rise over time in both search results as well as conversions.

Don't Always Be Selling! 

It might be hard to dial-back the salesperson brain when composing content for a website. We get it. But how off-putting is it, as a reader, to go to an article where you think it's going to answer a question for you, and all it reads as is one big pitch?

It's a turn-off. Simply put.

Knowing how to leverage your expertise on topics, while informing users about your company, and hopefully being able to turn that into them clicking "Contact Us" can seem like wizardry- but it's not. 

Sure, you should utilize calls to action and plug yourself a bit inside of the content, but don't make the plug the content itself, if that makes sense. Not only may readers see that as pushy, braggadocious, or a bit too much for their tastes, but again, Google can see it the same way. Their bots want the content, not the pitch. You more than likely aren't going to sell anything to a Google algorithm, so write like it. Aim to inform and be comprehensive, and the rest of the chips should fall in place.

With that said (cough cough) - if you need help developing content for your site that strikes the right chord with both audiences and algorithms alike, give the Philadelphia SEO specialists at Studio x. a call by CLICKING HERE.

Know Who You're Targeting!

Finally, considering the target audience is an essential piece of every single marketing strategy that has ever existed. From print ads to radio spots to Facebook and everything in-between, knowing WHO you want to interact with your content is the most important way to elevate it.

Again, it might not always be easy to put yourself on the outside of your business, but to write engaging marketing content, sometimes you need to. You more than likely once required the services of a company like yours at some point. So, try to visit those moments and explore them mentally.

What would you want to see the most on a webpage for a company like yours?

Running these concepts by your co-workers, employees, and even friends and family can't hurt. One of the hardest things about marketing is to get inside the brains of other people. You never truly know how they will search for you; despite all the research and analytics, you can pull from various tools. Plus, all of the trends and data is ever-changing and evolving. 

Sometimes just having an everyday conversation and hashing it out with users that are nothing like you, but someday might need your services or products, can be eye-opening and world-changing. Never forget that we need the real world for the digital world to survive.

If you are struggling with creating informative, targeted, and not overtly-sales-pitched material for your marketing strategy, contact the top SEO specialists in Philadelphia at Studio x. to discuss a plan specific for your needs, today!

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