Australian Bushfire Relief

By Studio X. January 13, 2020
See how you can help our friends in the land down under!

Studio x. 's blog section usually is for expertly written articles that are more upbeat, industry news, and internet marketing related- but this topic, we couldn't ignore.

You've more than likely seen the devastating news by now, but Australia is in the middle of having the absolute worst fire season in its history. As of today, January 13th, just a few of the heartbreaking statistics coming out of the land down under include:

17.9 million+ acres burned

1 billion animals perished

27 people have lost their lives

2000+ homes destroyed

And while the long-term ecological and environmental impact of these fires will be felt for years, by everyone across the world, it also is quite personal for some of us here at Studio x.

As you may have gathered from a phone call or in-person meeting with her, our business development lead, Antoinette Rehak, is from Australia. Not to mention, she has family there still, who is safe at the moment. To help do our part, we wanted to share this message, and hope that you can donate something, anything, to help save the land, people, and animals of this vast continent from further destruction:

Several local brigades have asked the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund to collect donations on their behalf. Other organizations are raising money. Money that will provide food for families who have been evacuated from their homes or help with unexpected bills and expenses for a household recovering from a bushfire, including clothing, bedding, furniture, and appliances. Money is also being collected for wildlife rescue. 

We’ve personally vetted each of the organizations below, but please review them yourself and see what fits your charitable goals best:

If you are in the U.S. and interested in helping Australia, please see below:

Rural Fire Service (enter 'other' for the state when entering U.S. address):…

Vinnies (will accept U.S. address):…/vinnies-nsw-bushfire-appeal…

Australian Red Cross (enter in your U.S. State and Suburb/neighborhood, payment still processes via your CC number):…/disaster-relief-and-recovery-…

Wires Wildlife Rescue (can use U.S. details):

Other options for Australian friends:…/…/news/bushfire-donations/11823676…

We thank you so much for taking the time to read this today.

Even though the City of Brotherly Love sometimes gets knocked for its, hmmm, rough demeanor, and this post might only make a small splash in the collective recovery pond, we know we had to do try and do our part. Our hearts are with everyone impacted by the fires.

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