Holiday Social Media Done Right

By Studio X. November 08, 2019

As the top social media marketing company in Philadelphia, at Studio x., we get it.

Creating engaging social media and digital marketing content can be rough at any time of the year, let alone when the holidays start rolling around. Users are typically a little less focused on their typical website and app engagement unless they are browsing retail or restaurants, of course. 

But not every business owner has a restaurant or a store that is going to sell the hottest gift item this year, that’s just a fact.

So, what can you, whether you ARE a store, restaurant, or any other category of business, do to make your online content around the holidays jingle-bell-rock? Below we have a few ideas to help guide you through the coming storm that is all things HOLIDAYS 2019!

The Gifts Keep on Giving

No matter what specific holidays you celebrate, this time of the year is one when families and friends come together to argue genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Sitting around the table, sharing a meal, and yes, showering your loved ones with thoughtful gifts is always in style too.

As a business owner, you can also give gifts to your customers to show that they are like family to you too.

If you have a preferred customer list, people that frequently purchase from you, or ones that you wouldn’t be able to survive without: consider giving them a gift. If you don’t necessarily have these types of clients yet, maybe consider crafting a call-out on social media promoting a gift giveaway.

Now, what you give away is obviously at your discretion and will vary by business. But we do have some suggestions on what to and NOT to do.

Don’t give away something that can be seen as a simple promotion and pawn it off as a gift. For example, don’t send your customer a postcard saying, “Hey, thanks, use this for 10% off your next order.” Sure, it’s a nice gesture, but it could come off as insincere or tacky to your diehard base. Make sure not to ask for anything in return from the receiver, including “post about this on social media.”

Why? Think about it. When you give you your niece a new pair of slippers for the holidays, you aren’t asking for her to buy you a coat…right? I mean, sure, to some extent, we’re expecting something back from people when we gift them- but the whole point of giving a gift is feeling good because you genuinely want to give that person something- with no expectations of a return.

If you have to consider the price of your gift, the more individualized and specialized you can make it (which can add up monetarily, we know)- the better. No, don’t go bankrupt over sending 1000 customers gifts that cost you hundreds of dollars, but don’t cheap out either. The ones who love your company and will return to your business will remember what you did for them, and will more than likely increase their next purchase with you AND spread the word about the kind gesture by posting on social media, even if you didn’t ask for it.

Also worth mentioning- if you need some innovative packaging design to accompany your gift, Studio x. can help you there too! 

Dress it Up

Image is everything when it comes to presentation in social media marketing, and the holidays are no different. Make sure to decorate your social profiles and website up with holiday-related decorations or shots to show customers that you are in the spirit!

Sure, you might not want to go as far as putting a customer service question answering Santa robot on your site. Still, there are plenty of ways you can pull this off without breaking the bank or showing favoritism for certain holidays and not others.

Have your staff throw on ugly sweaters for a holiday photo. Or decorate your logo and cover photos with snowflakes or bright colored tinsel and lights. Share a picture of the leftovers your staff brought in to share from Thanksgiving or the holiday party you are throwing with them. Regardless of how you do it, it’s a great time of year to show the closeness of you and your employees, who you probably see much more often than your second cousin or great aunt. 

Theme-ing is Everything

While posting holiday-related content might not be the #1 most magnificent generator of website traffic – it can make your social platforms more shareable and open you up to a new world of users.

From long to short-form content, develop pieces that speak to the heart of your user. Even a single post that hits users right in the feels, or can make them laugh, is the key to getting shared, or reposted, and expanding your reach to their inner circles. Shooting for the stars with a piece of content is always a good goal, but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t the 1 in 1 billion that goes “viral.”  

The exact content you should post will vary depending on your industry, but as you can with most social media work, don’t be afraid to look around you and borrow some concepts. If you follow an account doing something that made you feel all warm inside about the holidays, don’t rip it off blatantly, but borrow and do what you can to change and improve it for YOUR audience. And no, ALL of your posts over the next two months don’t have to deal with the holidays or that messaging thematically. But, including this content sporadically can be a great way to spread social media cheer to your followers, old and new!

If you need help developing any of the content mentioned above, from social media related posts and photos to strategy for boosting sales during the holiday season, give Studio x., the top social media marketing company in Philadelphia, a call or click today.