2020 Year In Review

By Studio X. February 17, 2021
2020 was a year no one is sure ever to forget.

The entire world was forever shifted by something the human eye can’t even see: a virus. Lives were lost. Businesses were closed. Our collective mental well-being was put to the test. Not to mention all of the other hardships being faced. But still, as vaccines start rolling out and a new calendar page is about to flip- we wish to say that despite all this adversity globally, we are so THANKFUL for our team, and we were fortunate enough to still do some fantastic work for our clients over this past trying year. Not to mention, we got to work on some projects that seemed very relevant to the pandemic.

We helped launch a brand new website and e-commerce store for local firefighting/EMS gear supplier Ricochet Manufacturing Inc.

When frontline workers and lifesaving techniques are needed more than ever, we rebuilt www.TriStateTraining.com to help with their CPR and First Aid classes. We also forged ahead (and are almost complete!) the launch of the brand new Eberhard Manufacturing Company x ILC website and continued our marketing efforts with the one and only Streamlight, Inc.

Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to a couple of long-time clients we missed and respected. We’ll forever remember our friends at R2L and Tilton Fitness, who had to shut down due to the pandemic.

In a few days, we begin a brand new year. And while we can’t necessarily erase the hardships of 2020, we can learn from them and build upon all of the positives we experienced. We wish you and yours a fantastic New Year, and we’ll close this year with a quote from poet T.S. Elliot:
“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”

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