What’s in a Name?

Are you launching a new brand or considering a rebrand of your company? Congratulations! If you already have a name picked out, well done; however, if you’re in the process of naming your company, here are a few guidelines to get you started.

Use Google as a tool to check your ideas.

You don’t want your name to get buried in search results. Google the name you’re considering, if the results are pretty minimal, you’re in an excellent position to be found online. Especially with a robust SEO strategy. If you see 100 other companies using the name you’re after, time to scratch it off your list.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be like everyone else.

There were a glut of “i” names to model the iPhone, iPad, iMAC. Think about your name in ten years. Will you still like it?

Try to find a name that is fun to say and memorable.

A helpful exercise is to write down how you want your clients to feel when they’re working with you as well as what they’re going to achieve by using your product or service. Think of some of the best company names out there and then think about what their name conveys. If you can achieve that with your name, you’ve won.

Learn from our mistake – make your name easy to say and spell.

We used to be named Xercel – when we rebranded to Studio x., clients said “Thank God, after 10 years I still didn’t know how to say your name.” and the worst one we heard “I wanted to recommend you, but I could never remember how to say your name.”

Which leads to the next tip – get feedback.

When you have your short list, ask your friends and family what they think. But don’t ask your sweet, sweet mom who believes anything you do is magic. You need an open-minded critic. It’s easier to go back to the drawing board now than to address it in fifteen years.

You’ll need a coordinating URL

Picking a domain name can be a real bummer. All the clever names seem to be gone. Don’t despair, if you can’t find an exact match, we can help you figure out a workaround. But whatever you do, avoid adding a hyphen. A hyphen isn’t memorable, and if another company has the version you want without a hyphen – chances are your customer is going to visit that website and not yours… at least at first.

.com .org or something else?

Unless you are a non-profit or can find a smart way to use the alternate domain name endings, stick with .com

Check with your attorney.

Before you get too excited and start designing your logo or ordering swag, make sure to check in with your attorney to be sure you’ll have the legal right to use your name.

We love helping companies pick names and develop brands. Start your marketing project with Studio x., the leading marketing agency in Philadelphia, PA, today! Call us at (215) 255-6955 or email us at letsdoit@studioxphl.com.  

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