Our Photos are Worth 1,000 Words

With an Instagram account and the newest iPhone, it can be tempting to photograph the food and cocktails you serve in your restaurant, slap a filter on it, and post the photos to Instagram. Who even needs a social media manager or professional photography you think… but there’s more to consider than just adding a filter and a few hashtags.


If your budget is tight and you want to take your own photos, here are a few hints on where to start.


  • The first step is to think about the look you want for your Instagram feed. And then be consistent in your style. People eat with their eyes first, so tempt them with a series of visually beautiful photos that all look like they came from the same restaurant.
  • What you picture in your mind and what actually happens when you “click” the button is sometimes entirely different! Don’t fret – the trick is to take the photo from different angles and then see what looks good. Practice makes perfect!
  • When taking these photos, make sure that the background isn’t too cluttered with unnecessary props. It’s tempting to style photos, but when you’re starting out, keep it simple.
  • Since you aren’t buying professional lighting, try to avoid overhead lights or a flash, use natural lights as often as you can to keep the coloring as close to reality as you can.
  • Remember to photograph the food the way your guests will enjoy it. It’s tempting to make a cocktail look different for the photo – but that can be a let down when your guests order the cocktail you decided to garnish differently, and it doesn’t come out as expected.


Don’t worry, if this all seems like a bit of a hassle, let’s talk about your budget and see if we can help you make some magic.


In addition to getting your Instagram feed looking drool-worthy, every restaurant we help with their food photography is getting exposure with local + national publications. Our pictures are literally worth 1,000 words. We do have to warn you, if we taste every single delicious plate of food that you put out, don’t blame us, blame your chef!


To get a free consultation, give us a call at (215) 255-6955 or email us at letsdoit@studioxphl.com.

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