How to Handle the Age of Yelpers

If you own or operate a restaurant, you know how critical great reviews and proper social media management are for your business; however, with the rise of Yelp and other review platforms, your restaurant’s success becomes about more than serving delicious food. It can be challenging to address all of your customers’ feedback in a timely manner, and tempting to put your head in the sand and avoid an irate customer or justify your lack of response because you’re working long hours. Unfortunately, in this digital age, no excuse is a good excuse. The conversation is happening with or without you. The question is, are you going to participate?

Always Answer

One of the most important things about reviews is to actually read and reply to them. Positive or negative, it is beneficial for your ranking in Google searches to acknowledge your customers or clients. The reason is that Google analyzes review platforms when ranking sites for queries about “best restaurants near me.”

You Can’t Please Everyone

Another thing to remember is that not everyone can be pleased. While constructive criticism is something you should always listen to, you don’t need to take every review ever written into consideration. Some guests will never be satisfied or just like to complain! These reviews can be pretty easy to identify, and the best approach is to thank them for their feedback and let them know you’ll pass it along to the team. It’s not lying or ignoring their concerns; however, if someone complains about the noise level in your restaurant (regardless of the reality), there’s nothing you can really do to “fix” their issue.

Want help addressing your haters and fans?

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