Establishing Your Voice on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and personalize your business. But it can be tough figuring out what and when to post. So how do you get started?

Start by determining your voice.

Do you want to be witty? edgy? eclectic? formal? Whichever one you choose, you want to make sure your posts encapsulate your company’s values.

Develop a Posting Strategy

The best way to start your social media marketing project is to develop a strategy. Do you have products you want to start showing off? How about introducing your employees?

  • Things like #FeatureFriday or #ProductOfTheMonth are a great way to start.
  • Assign a topic to a specific day. This will establish a pattern that your fans will start looking forward to, and you wont’ be scrambling to come up with ideas.

Plan Ahead

Once you’ve researched when your audience is on each social media platform, use scheduling tools to plan your posts to appear during these peak windows.

  • Avoid the last-minute rush (when mistakes can happen)
  • Develop enough content to schedule the next one to three weeks in advance,
  • Review your posts carefully and proof twice! Sharing information that isn’t approved or proofed can lead to social media meltdowns.
  • Remember – you can delete it – but you can’t take it back!

Engage, Engage, Engage

You can’t “set it and forget it.” Social media is a living breathing thing.

  • As your fans are liking or commenting on your posts – respond.
  • Like their comments, thank them, respond to questions, and share photos they send you when it’s appropriate.
  • Listen to what your fans are saying, and adjust your content to meet their needs.


When we partner with clients to manage their social media campaigns, we develop content and schedule posts one to three weeks in advance. This allows us to collaborate with our clients to review to posts, ensure there’s a consistent presence on each social media channel and gives us the time we need to engage with fans, answer questions, and share time-sensitive information.

Does all this sound like too much work? Connect with us today by emailing or calling us at (215) 255-6955 – we’d love to chat with you about running your marketing campaign.

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