Tilton Fitness

Tilton Fitness, in partnership with Hackensack Meridian Health, is a privately owned gym with seven clubs in New Jersey along the coast.
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Tilton Fitness


January 01, 2017



Tilton Fitness differed from traditional gyms by going beyond the box-chain mentality of letting lapsed members exist undisturbed and helping their members achieve their goals. Offering everything from group exercise classes and personal training to swimming lessons and nutrition coaching. Their goal is to see their members succeed and be a vibrant part of the Tilton Fitness family.

Our marketing agency in Philadelphia, PA collaborated with Tilton Fitness to first create a modern new logo that represented their modern gym experience and showcased their partnership with Hackensack Meridan Health. We then created an entire series of marketing collateral including rack cards for their services and signage to be showcased around the gyms. 

The next step was to create a cohesive presence on social media bringing together the seven locations to have a more engaging social media experience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and continued to manage their social media as they thoughtfully transition to in-house management. While this was in process, we started conducting stakeholder interviews with their club members; we intended to understand what members wanted out of the club’s website so that the site would be a useful tool. Taking management’s input and their members' responses, we were able to craft a custom website that is a lead generation tool and a way to communicate with members and guests quickly.

Their website features a convenient way to alert members of closings or repairs in each location with an alert bar that appears across the website, on-demand landing pages that can be created in moments to promote specials in the club, and intuitive searching capabilities.

The first tool is the goal finder tool. We realized that potential members and guests might see a wealth of classes and programs and find it paralyzing. We wanted to create a way for guests to navigate the club’s offerings easily. By taking a brief quiz (which is easily customized in the website’s back-end) to determine a guest’s goals, we can filter through all the programs and classes offered by Tilton Fitness and provide guests with a list of programs they could email to themselves that match their goals. When a guest completes this form and decides to email themselves this list, a copy is sent to the respective club’s manager so they can assist their members in achieving their goals.

We also reimagined our intuitive product search and applied it to classes and trainers. Our discover classes search allows guests to filter classes by location, intensity level, and more. Once a guest finds a class they’re interested in, guests can click over to the schedule to book their class.

For the “our trainers” section of the website, we took our intuitive search functionality and created filtering categories for location, gender, and specialty. Tilton Fitness had photos taken of all their trainers, we edited these photos to create a consistent visual, and showcased each trainers experience. In a series of simple clicks in the back-end, Tilton Fitness can quickly add new trainers by uploading a photo, typing their name, adding a brief bio, and checking off the appropriate filters that integrate with the search.

The website was search engine optimized (SEO), and has become a lead generation tool for Tilton Fitness delivering pre-screened leads for membership inquiries, 3-day, and class pass downloads, and more.