Getting Your Website Indexed By Google...Faster!

By Studio X. August 14, 2019
Can't find your website in Google search results? Let's review some tips for getting your site indexed...faster!

We’re not playing digital hide & seek; websites are built to
be found.

From distributors of industrial goods to pet portrait photographers, organic French fry restaurants, and everything in-between: being found online is crucial. It can bring not only a sense of validation for your time and effort, but can also result in money and exposure being generated!

In today's internet web scape, as we have a discussed in previous blogs, technology moves quickly, and things are not necessarily getting simpler to navigate. That's why tactics like "search engine optimization" or “SEO” have become vital for website builders of all levels to learn and implement. These SEO strategies lead to better search engine results, which means more clicks and growth for you.

These rapid changes in trends and tactic are why the top SEO marketing team in Philadelphia at Studio x. would like to cover something at the very base level of search engine optimization: getting your website indexed. Like a tree falling in the woods, if your site can't be found (by Google, or anyone then) does it make a sound or exist?

So now you might be thinking "I created my site and when I go to my URL, it's there…what do you mean it doesn't exist?"

Well, yes, it exists. But how is it turning up in Google search results? Sure, you can send out your new web address to patrons or friends, but an overwhelming majority of search results and conversions come as a result of organic searches. 

Let’s first clarify what organic means in the context of SEO. When a potential customer searches online for “best coffee grinder for french press”, there will be a series of ads that the company pays for each time a visitor clicks on it; then there are a series of results that are organic – meaning your company doesn’t pay each time a visitor clicks your links. For more on that, click here. 

Organic search results happen when your SEO is done well. Sure, Google will eventually pick up your website, but without any indexing or SEO work, it can take anywhere from a few days to never to be found online for your company name or the search terms your customers are using to find your products or services. Who can wait for never? 

To check if Google is indexing your website, try going to and search for your URL and then try a second search for your company name. See what comes up. If nothing is there, it's going to take some time for Google to scan and index your site. Rome, nor your internet presence, can or will be built in a day.

If the above search produces results? Great, you're on your way!

But let's operate under the assumption that the previous incident is occurring. You don’t exist on Google. What can you do?!

An excellent place to begin is with site architecture. That's a fancy way of saying that you should have some internal and external links on your website. Make sure you have pages connecting to other pages, like with the main menu. Link blogs to other blogs (as we are doing right here, as an example.) Make sure you can return to your home page or a contact page no matter how far down the rabbit hole a user goes. Also make sure to link OUT to other relevant sites, like your social media pages and any companies you do business with or recommend.

Speaking of social media, if you haven't already, get on those platforms we all love and start linking to your website! Creating business profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social platforms and linking BACK to your website from the "About Me" section, is another way to show Google you are the real deal. Google holds social media sites in higher regard than some others, so a simple link connecting your profiles and website can go a long way.

Other tactics, albeit a bit more technical, that will help expedite site indexing include claiming your Google Business directory listing, submitting an updated XML sitemap to Search Console, or preparing Robots.txt files.

If these suggestions have your head spinning, don't worry- Studio x. has your back! Give the top SEO experts in Philadelphia a call today to see how we can help your existing website grow in search engine rankings! If you don't have a site yet, Studio x. builds innovative, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized websites for companies just like yours.